1. The 9, 000-strong force still answers to Forero.
  2. Forero says the total has crept to 1, 800.
  3. Forero, 17, acknowledged that she had not always been so bold.
  4. Protester Modesto Martinez, 48, was shot and killed, Forero said.
  5. Additionally, Forero has been a South America correspondent for NPR since 2006.
  6. It's difficult to find forero in a sentence. 用forero造句挺難的
  7. By Juan Forero . 1, 500 words.
  8. By Juan Forero . ( With photo)
  9. Forero calls Barefoot Park and the hills of Nutibara and El Volador his favorite places.
  10. Carlos Andres Forero's family huddled around his gravestone and polished it with a cloth.
  11. Modesto Martinez, 48, was killed, and four people were wounded, Forero said.
  12. But army Maj . Rafael Forero said the military was already stretched too thin by nationwide fighting.
  13. Forero praised the withdrawal, saying police could now " work with more liberty ."
  14. "We cannot let the violence intimidate us, " said owner Guillermo Alvarez Forero.
  15. "The smell, " said Jorge Forero, a firefighter from the city of Cali.
  16. We have dealt a harsh blow to the Teofilo Forero, a terrorist group that has sown terror,
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