forerunners of zionism造句


  1. He also explains that during their actions as forerunners of Zionism there " was not on the agenda an issue of lack of rights to Jews or social discrimination " and thus the modern idea of Jewish nationalism was not a success in the years they operated.
  2. Jacob Katz argued that it is possible to point out only on three men as " forerunners of Zionism " : Rabbi Judah ben Solomon Hai Alkalai, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer, a thinker Moses Hess, since although other people acted in various forms, it is just these three's actions that left the imprint on the Hovevei Zion.
  3. "' Proto-Zionism "'( or "'Forerunner of Zionism "';, pronounced : " Mevasrei ha-Tzionut " ) is a term attributed to the ideas of a group of men deeply affected by the idea of modern nationalism spread in Europe in the 19th century as they sought to establish a Jewish homeland in the Land of Israel.
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