forging bonds造句


  1. Forging bonds of empathy with mass audiences is what sustains presidentilleadership.
  2. His second venture involved a foray into selling stolen and forged bonds.
  3. Instead, it forges bonds that create a haven for generations of Caucasian women, including her mother.
  4. Terrible as their ordeal in the water was, survivors say it forged bonds of friendship that are indissoluble.
  5. The quality control coordinator for Plante, Joaquin Gomez, disagreed, saying the agency had forged bonds with farmers.
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  7. The American business community in Vietnam praised Peterson's leadership in forging bonds of trust between Hanoi and Washington.
  8. Ture would spend most of the rest of his life in Africa, forging bonds between people of color around the world.
  9. Mozzie first met Neal while they were independent conmen, as shown through flashbacks in " Forging Bonds " ( 2.11 ).
  10. Previous societies forged bonds through public celebrations of war and religion; now we get together to watch athletes simulate battles and advertisers promise salvation.
  11. Two Americans and a Dutchman appeared in court Friday on charges they tried to move billions of dollars in forged bonds onto the European market.
  12. Some community leaders do see an upside : The public's increased interest in Islam has allowed them to forge bonds with other faith groups.
  13. It also forges bonds among area residents; helps reduce burglaries, robberies and car prowls; and improves relations between law enforcement and the community.
  14. The spin-off party forged bonds with Eurocommunist parties such as the Italian Communist Party and with Nicolae Ceau _ escu's Romanian Communist Party.
  15. This was meant to forge bonds between the two families and entitled the boy to help from his foster family, as well as his birth family.
  16. Bridging gaps As Korol was forging bonds with the new people in his life, the Chiricos and Korols were beginning to form a powerful bond through him.
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