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  1. Police neutralised a counterfeit credit card syndicate today ( january 16 ) after the arrest of seven men and seizure of eight suspected forged credit cards in mong kok
  2. Police yesterday ( october 6 ) neutralised a counterfeit credit card syndicate following the arrest of a man and a woman with the seizure of 25 suspected forged credit cards
  3. Police found eight forged credit cards in the men s possession . the arrested persons , including two indonesians , one singaporean , and four hong kong citizens , were aged between 28 and 54
  4. During the operation , the officers seized a quantity of commodities including watches , handbags , wallets and shoes which were believed to have been purchased by the duo with the forged credit cards
  5. A total of three forged credit cards were seized from the arrestees who uttered them for the payment of hk $ 70 000 worth of clothes at a boutique in times square , causeway bay this afternoon
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  7. Since january this year , undercover agents from the district anti - triad squad of tsuen wan district have successfully infiltrated syndicates engaging in illegal activities like soccer bookmaking , manufacture of forged credit cards and drug trafficking
  8. A subsequent search on her home in chai wan led to a further discovery of 19 suspected forged credit cards in name of other persons , two suspected fake passports as well as two paper notebooks containing some 40 sets of credit card account data
  9. A total of three men and six women aged between 32 and 50 were arrested . police seized 14 forged credit cards , three forged identity cards and a quantity of cosmetics and dried seafood suspected to have been bought by the arrested persons uisng the forged credit cards
  10. Acting on intelligence , officers of the regional crime unit and the district intelligence unit of hong kong island region mounted an investigation into a forged credit card syndicate two weeks ago , and identified the suspects who were believed to be in connection with cases of uttering forged credit cards in the past six to eight months


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