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  1. Much effort has been expended to improve the standard of the forging furnace .
  2. Half coal gas forge furnace of smoke abatement and energy conservation
  3. Ideal for forging furnaces , melting of non - ferrous metals
  4. Wear resistant layer of cylinder and double - layer liner in catalyst creaking apparatus ( without or with tortoiseshell net can be used ) , inner liner of carbon monoxide exhaust - heat boiler , pouring at site for furnace roof with high temperature of heating furnace of steel rolling , different forging furnace , resistance furnace , the prefabricated parts can also be made
    催化裂化裝置中的筒體耐磨層及雙層襯里, (無龜甲網和有龜甲網均可采用)及一氧化碳余熱鍋爐的內襯,也適用于軋鋼加熱爐、各種煅造爐、電阻爐的爐頂、爐墻、爐底高溫部位的現場澆注,可制成預制構件。
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