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  1. Development and application of 3 4t air forging hammer body
  2. Dimensional tolerance for steel die forgings hammer and press forging
  3. Die forging hammer . types and basic parameters
  4. This paper does some work aiming at damping to forging hammer foundation
  5. Forging hammer without anvilbed
  6. It's difficult to find forging hammer in a sentence. 用forging hammer造句挺難的
  7. Large die - blocks used for die - forging hammer and mechanical forging press - specification
  8. . titanium and titanium wrought alloys forgings hammer and drop forgings ; technical delivery conditions
  9. C - frame forging hammer
  10. The analysis on the vibration and the antivibration measures of industrial forging hammer foundation
  11. Measurement of airborne noise emitted by machines ; enveloping surface method ; metal processing machine tools ; special stipulations for drop forging hammers
  12. In the sixth paragraph , the author discusses how the direct damping under anvil block of forging hammer affects the beating energy , the operation , the safety of the facility and the economic benefits
    第六章分析了鍛錘砧下減振技術對打擊能量(打擊效率) 、生產操作、設備安全等的影響,并從經濟效益的角度認識了鍛錘隔振的意義。
  13. In the last part of this paragraph , a calculation model for forging hammer foundation vibration system with dual - freedom is presented . in the third paragraph , some different methods of damping to forging hammer foundation have been advanced based on analysis of important factors affecting vibration response
  14. Forging hammer is an important device , which is used to forge roughcast in machine shops . when forging hammer works , violent vibration produces , so the precise instruments and equipment around ca n ' t run normally , the stability and longevity of the workshop structure may lower , furthermore , the health of people hurts . the damping to forging hammer foundation is all through the ages a hot question for discussion
  15. Take 5 - ton forging hammer for example , by carrying out the process of optimal design , the result proves that the force transfer ratio of the optimal design project declines 22 . 9 percent compared to its original project , and other indexes are more reasonable , which provides theoretical foundation for automatic design of elastic foundation of forging hammer
    以5t模鍛錘彈性基礎為例進行了優化設計,結果表明優化設計方案的力傳遞率比原方案下降22 . 9 % ,其他指標也更加合理,為實現鍛錘彈性基礎設計過程自動化提供了理論基礎。


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