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  1. Was instrumental in the " Freedom Rides " of the 1960s.
  2. The first Freedom Ride ended shortly after the events in Anniston.
  3. New Orleans CORE sponsored several Freedom Rides through Louisiana and Mississippi.
  4. She also participated in several Freedom Rides, and was arrested twice.
  5. He accompanied Rev Martin Luther King on several of his Freedom Rides.
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  7. The first Freedom Ride began on May 4, 1961.
  8. The Freedom Rides of 1961 were originally conceived as a Gandhian campaign.
  9. The freedom ride was the turning point in his activism.
  10. The KRVSA Freedom Ride has also stopped at Camp Mack.
  11. Do any of you remember Phil Gramm coming along on the Freedom rides?
  12. So the Freedom Ride would have to go on.
  13. She said they held up Freedom Ride cards to officials who questioned them.
  14. She said passengers held up Freedom Ride cards to officials who questioned them.
  15. Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride : http : / / www . iwfr . org
  16. Walgett's history includes the Freedom Rides in the mid-1960s.
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