1. The dutch delegation , led by mr frequin , also visited the office of the telecommunications authority , information technology services department , hongkong post and invest hong kong for exchange during its trip here
  2. The mou was signed by mr mark frequin , director - general of telecommunications and post , representing the ministry of transport , public works and water management of the netherlands , and mr alan siu , deputy secretary for information technology and broadcasting , representing the hong kong special administrative region
    有關備忘錄由代表荷蘭交通、公共工程和水管理部的電訊和郵政署署長mrmarkfrequin ,與代表香港特別行政區的資訊科技及廣播局副局長蕭如彬簽署。
  3. Mr siu also introduced at the bilateral meeting with mr frequin the latest it development in hong kong , including the cyberport project . with the clustering of multinational and local it companies and the provision of state - of - the art facilities , the cyberport could play a key role in facilitating collaborative activities between hong kong and the netherlands
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