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  1. Frere Hall in Karachi was built in his honour.
  2. The layout of the Frere Hall is the perfect blend of British architecture and Sub-continent architecture.
  3. The book market was held on the lawn of Frere Hall, a landmark building that houses a library.
  4. Public building works were undertaken, including the construction of Frere Hall in 1865 and the later Empress Market.
  5. In 1877 at Frere Hall the first attempt was made to form a consistent set of rules of badminton.
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  7. Among weekly affairs, the Koocha-e-Saqafat and Frere Hall book fairs are worth a visit.
  8. Frere Halls is also one of the main buildings made by and for British in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
  9. After Frere s death, Frere Hall become a museum which attempts to include all the paintings and books from the British Colonial era.
  10. Many beautiful examples of colonial architecture can be found in Saddar Town including the main building of Karachi Grammar School, Frere Hall and the Sindh Club.
  11. Frere Hall was built in honor of Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere, British Commissioner in Sindh, who was known for promoting economic development in the area of Sindh.
  12. However, because of the security conditions the citizens are deprived of entry in Frere Hall and the impressive historical building along with the Mural lie in desperate need of care.
  13. After he died, the Islamabad gallery was disassembled and some two hundred paintings were unaccounted for and the Frere Hall gallery is closed for all practical purposes because of the security reasons.
  14. The total cost of this hall was about Rs . 180, 000 out of which the Government contributed Rs . 10, 000 while the rest was paid for by the municipality . Frere Hall, Karachi, 1860s
  15. In his lifetime two art galleries were established by the official authorities, one in Islamabad called Gallery Sadequain, which was located in Block F and the second one in the Frere Hall Karachi, also called Gallery Sadequain.
  16. The ceiling of the Frere Hall, displays in bold, the words, " Arz-o-Samawat " ( Earth and the Heavens ) bears a historical significance, since it represents the last piece of work by Sadequain.
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