1. Froning does not have a coach nor programmer who writes his workouts.
  2. Froning took the lead in the competition after this event.
  3. Rich Froning and Mathew Fraser each squatted 377 lb, tying for first.
  4. In 2012, Froning and Annie Thorisdottir were the first athletes to win the CrossFit Games twice.
  5. Bailey then moved in with Froning and his wife moving to the Central East regionals a year later.
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  7. Then, Froning was one of only 11 players who helped South Bend clinch their second consecutive championship title.
  8. Froning and Roach ( 2002 ) put forward a paper that builds on the work of Puthoff, Haisch and Alcubierre.
  9. In 1952 Froning finally had a chance to play regularly after six players left the team in a dispute with Winsch.
  10. The Blue Sox broke up in 1953 . " They traded a bunch of players ", Froning recalled.
  11. Froning won the Regional, thereby qualifying for the fourth CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.
  12. In 2011, Froning finished behind Navy SEAL Josh Bridges and Dan Bailey in the inaugural year of the worldwide Open.
  13. At the CrossFit games in 2011 he met Rich Froning who fixed Bailey with a job at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville.
  14. In the years following, Froning set the standard for the " Fittest Man on Earth " with four consecutive CrossFit Games wins.
  15. Instead, Froning often finds an exceptional athlete to be his training partner, such as Games athletes Dan Bailey and James Hobart.
  16. The company sponsors numerous CrossFit athletes around the world, such as Rich Froning Jr ., Brian Shaw and Hafr J鷏韚s Bj鰎nsson.
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