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  1. The former is related to the Galois cohomology groups of F.
  2. It can also be defined in terms of Galois cohomology.
  3. The Galois cohomology of this group scheme is a way of expressing Kummer theory.
  4. Over a field, the extensions are parametrized by elements of the corresponding Galois cohomology group.
  5. The study of the Galois cohomology of idele class groups is a central matter in class field theory.
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  7. In turn, this led to the notion of Galois cohomology and 閠ale cohomology ( which builds on it ).
  8. Galois cohomology makes no assumption that Galois groups are abelian groups, so that this was a non-abelian theory.
  9. These isomorphism classes form the non-abelian Galois cohomology set H ^ 1 ( F, G _ 2 ).
  10. The earliest results identifiable as Galois cohomology had been known long before, in algebraic number theory and the arithmetic of elliptic curves.
  11. It leads at once to questions of Galois cohomology, since the torsors represent classes in group cohomology " H " 1.
  12. The needs of number theory were in particular expressed by the requirement to have control of a local-global principle for Galois cohomology.
  13. Through an isomorphism, it can be associated with a symbol ( a, P ) in the second Galois cohomology of the field k.
  14. This may now be explained quickly by Galois cohomology ( which however postdates the introduction of the term by more direct use of Clifford algebras ).
  15. This can be proved using additive counterparts of the methods involved in Kummer theory, such as Hilbert's theorem 90 and additive Galois cohomology.
  16. Firstly, Galois cohomology appeared as the foundational layer of 閠ale cohomology theory ( roughly speaking, the theory as it applies to zero-dimensional schemes ).
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