1. Gamberale had helped build TIM into Europe's largest cellular phone operator.
  2. Vito Gamberale, the chief executive, becomes chairman of Telecome Italia Mobile SpA ( TIM ).
  3. Sarmi succeeds Vito Gamberale, who stepped aside to concentrate on Telecom's highly profitable mobile phone division.
  4. Gamberale said Monday the company estimates it will have gained 1.1 million new clients in the first four months of 1998.
  5. Gamberale informed his boss, Telecom Italia Chairman Gianmario Rossignolo, of the decision in a letter Friday, the Milan daily Corriere della Sera said.
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  7. Gamberale said he would stay on as chairman of Telecom Italia Mobile SpA ( TIM ), which provides much of the parent company's earnings.
  8. Rossignolo appointed Gamberale to the job in February, but relations soured and hit bottom in May when the Telecom chairman criticized his subordinate in a newspaper interview.
  9. Chairman Vito Gamberale had been managing director of TIM before becoming Telecom Italia's director general of operations, a position he left last month in a power struggle.
  10. The chief operating officer of Italy's phone company, Vito Gamberale, is stepping aside to concentrate on its highly profitable mobile phone division, news reports said Saturday.
  11. Chairman Gian Mario Rossignolo had appointed Gamberale to the chief operating post in February, but relations hit a low in May when the Telecom chairman criticized his subordinate in a newspaper interview.
  12. Gamberale also said " I was very surprised at the nervousness and the fall in style of engineer De Benedetti, a great industrialist and manager, " according to the statement.
  13. Rossignolo told the board meeting that Gamberale resigned " perhaps in an inopportune moment, " but the company " has the means and men to face " the situation.
  14. TIM's General Director Vito Gamberale struck back, saying in a statement that Omnitel's lawsuit " finally highlighted the true value of the roaming agreement and the investment that is necessary to obtain it ."
  15. His daughter, Chiara Gamberale  a well-known writer and anchor woman  ( then only seventeen ) drew on that event to write her first novel, " Una vita sottile " ( Marsilio, 1999 ), turned into a fiction for the RAI.
  16. Meanwhile, at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, she was presented in Ivano De Matteo's " Balancing Act " and in " A Liberal Passion ", alongside Alessandro Preziosi and Valentina Lodovini, loosely based on the 2008 novel by Chiara Gamberale.
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