1. He also took a good low catch to remove Gautam Gambhir.
  2. He was the second cousin of Gambhir Singh and the regent.
  3. Jacques Kallis was the appointed captain in Gambhir's absence.
  4. Gambhir Singh reigned until his death on 9 January 1834.
  5. Gambhir asserted it was accidental, but was banned for one Test.
  6. It's difficult to find gambhir in a sentence. 用gambhir造句挺難的
  7. Between February 2010 and November 2011, Gambhir played in 14 Tests.
  8. Gambhir is the leading run-scorer of the Kolkata Knight Riders.
  9. However, Gambhir returned to lead the team in the Group stage.
  10. Gambhir attacked Pakistan on the topic of sponsorship of terrorism.
  11. Opener Virender Sehwag started slowly with debutante Goutam Gambhir.
  12. Opener Virender Sehwag started slowly with debutante Gautam Gambhir.
  13. Indian skipper Gautam Gambhir won the toss and invited Pakistan to bat first.
  14. Gautam Gambhir and Laxman scored double hundreds in India's First Innings.
  15. Maharaja Gambhir Singh took his last breath in Canchipur.
  16. Following the match, Gambhir returned to the top of the ICC rankings.
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