1. Starting at the South Carolina border concurrent with Garysburg before crossing into Virginia.
  2. As of 2016, the Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge still exists on Stephenson's property in Garysburg.
  3. The Garysburg United Methodist Church and Cemetery and Mason-Hardee-Capel House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  4. Students at NCHS-West STEM primarily live in the communities of Gaston, Garysburg, Roanoke Rapids and Weldon, North Carolina.
  5. "' Garysburg United Methodist Church and Cemetery "', also known as Chapel Grove Church, is a historic Greek Revival style frame church.
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  7. He is known for his " Occoneechee Trapper's Lodge " ( or " Trapper's Lodge Museum " ), a natural history museum and art environment in Garysburg.
  8. I knew what to do, " said Hunt, 20, of Garysburg, N . C . " The No . 1 cause of death on the battlefield is bleeding, so I had to stop the bleeding ."


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