1. German settlers arrived from 1240 and the village of Garz emerged.
  2. From that date it was incorporated into the borough of Garz.
  3. In 1325 R黦en, including Garz, went into Pomerania.
  4. Near Garz, Deutsche Telekom has operated a transmission site since 1993.
  5. In January 2005, Karnitz was also added to Garz.
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  7. It lies up to 15 metres higher than the town of Garz.
  8. The name " Garz ", however, probably comes from the Stargard ).
  9. Later Kaller built a daughter church in Garz.
  10. On 1 January 2001 Gro?Schoritz was incorporated into the town of Garz / R黦en.
  11. "Its transparency is part of the power it has as a symbol, " Garz said.
  12. This stretch of the river descends through locks at Bahnitz, Rathenow, Gr黷z, Garz and Havelberg.
  13. The precursor of Garz is more likely to have been the town of " Ruyendal ".
  14. Since 1991, the centre of Garz has been extensively redeveloped as part of an urban development plan.
  15. It was formed on 1 January 2010 by the merger of the former municipalities Gollensdorf and Gro?Garz.
  16. This city was taken, and shortly after Kolberg could not join their comrades via Greifenhagen and Garz.
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