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  1. Another interesting stop in Post is the Garza County Historical Museum.
  2. The Square Compass Ranch of Garza County also protruded into Lynn County.
  3. It extends in a northerly direction for from Garza County.
  4. The drought has devastated Garza County ranchers as well.
  5. That Garza County's climate is hell on agriculture never has been a secret.
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  7. W C . Young of Garza County.
  8. C . W . Post purchased more than 200, 000 acres in the Garza County area.
  9. In 1968, the Mason family donated the property to Garza County for use as a museum.
  10. Slaughter acquired the 99, 188-acre U Lazy S Ranch in Garza County, Texas, in 1901.
  11. "Everything is all iced-up, " said Garza County, Texas, deputy constable Cliff Laws.
  12. Three-fourths of Garza County's 60, 000 cotton acres are unirrigated, totally dependent on rainfall for survival.
  13. Some of the world's finest cotton is grown in Garza County, which for years had its own textile mill.
  14. The Garza County Historical Museum is a non-profit organization operating for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes.
  15. In 2010, curator Linda Puckett in conjunction with the museum published " Images of America : Garza County ".
  16. The book is dedicated to both the pioneers who settled Garza County and to the armed services personnel who sacrifice for freedom.
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