gerard soest造句


  1. Riley studied painting under Isaac Fuller and Gerard Soest, and from the latter learnt a forcible, straightforward style of portraiture which rendered his portraits noteworthy.
  2. Sir Oliver Millar concluded that Weesop could for a brief period have presented something of a challenge to other portrait painters such as Peter Lely, John Hayls and Gerard Soest as is shown by his influential patronage.
  3. Raynsford's portrait, by Gerard Soest, is at Lincoln's Inn; another, by Michael Wright, is at the Guildhall; a third, by Claret, was engraved by Tompson . Richard Raynsford.
  4. There was an alternative, more direct, tradition in British portraiture to that of Lely and Kneller, tracing back to William Dobson and the German or Dutch Gerard Soest, who trained Thomas Hudson who trained Joshua Reynolds and Joseph Wright of Derby.
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