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  1. Elly Ameling, Mady Mesple, Frederica von Stade, Gerard Souzay; Dalton Baldwin, pianist ( EMI Classics 64095; three CDs ).
  2. Gerard Souzay, then well into his 70s, appeared at the 92d Street Y in New York City on a Sunday afternoon several seasons ago.
  3. Indeed, a peculiar and very special French way of singing French repertory may have largely disappeared with Gerard Souzay's powers to convey it.
  4. He died of natural causes, said Winston Ku, director of the Gerard Souzay Vocal Arts Foundation and a student and friend of the singer.
  5. Gerard Souzay, one of France's great baritones and a master of art songs, has died at his home on the French Riviera.
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  7. Jacques Jansen, Victoria de los Angeles, Gerard Souzay; Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Francaise, conducted by Andre Cluytens ( Testament SBT 3051; three CDs ).
  8. Gerard Souzay, the French baritone who was one of the 20th century's finest interpreters of art songs, died on Tuesday at his home in Cap d'Antibes, France.
  9. Anyone who thinks French singing is about small, tight sounds needs to hear Gerard Souzay's breathtaking, enveloping Golaud or Pierre Froumenty's Arkel or Jeannine Collard as a radiant Genevieve.
  10. The voice is a light lyric soprano that never had the ringing, sensuous flow of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf or Gerard Souzay in their primes, nor the big extrovert intensity of Janet Baker or Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.
  11. Gerard Souzay appears in retrospect as perhaps the most, and at the same time the least French of modern French singers : completely French for his ability to translate with utter naturalness a spoken culture into a musical one; less so for the flawlessness of his delivery.


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