gerard starkie造句


  1. Witness UK writes intelligently and makes the most of Gerard Starkie's softly rumpled voice.
  2. Their most recent release is Potions by Gerard Starkie which was released on 4 July 2011.
  3. The label has featured releases from Gerard Starkie of Gomez, The V . C's and Dirty Circus; previously signed to Columbia Records.
  4. All songs were written by Gerard Starkie but various musicians feature on the album such as Joe Allen, Joe Gallimore, Gina Griffin, Catherine Hay, Matt Sampson and former Witness members Dylan Keeton, John Langley and Julian Poole.
  5. "' Gerard Starkie "'is an English musician and former lead singer of Witness split up in 2004, Gerard went on to record his debut album " Drawbridge " with former Witness band members, releasing it as a free download on his official MySpace site.
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