gerard stiles造句


  1. Gerard Stiles immediately suspected something about Julia was out of place.
  2. Victoria was last mentioned in 1970 when the ghost of Gerard Stiles haunted Collinwood.
  3. In early 1840, Quentin, Tad, and Gerard Stiles had been off at sea for several months.
  4. Judah's spirit took possession of Gerard Stiles and used him as a secret weapon against the Collins family.
  5. The head passed through several hands but ultimately came into the possession of a seaman named Gerard Stiles ( a friend of Quentin Collins ).
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  7. Julia learned from Carrie Stokes that Gerard Stiles and Lamar Trask had taken a journal belonging to Ben Stokes, and she immediately informed Barnabas.
  8. When his ailing father heard the news concerning Quentin's arrest, he changed his will, leaving the entire Collins family fortune to Gerard Stiles.
  9. Not long after, Julia felt the presence of Gerard Stiles in Collinwood, but claimed that it was not as strong as it had been in 1995.
  10. After he broke off with her, he took Tad on an ocean voyage, on which Quentin became close friends with a fellow passenger, Gerard Stiles ( James Storm ).
  11. Mrs . Johnson explained that something happened in the Collinwood playroom, but she was prevented from saying more by Gerard Stiles ( James Storm ), a ghost in mid-19th century clothing.
  12. But Gabriel later discovered that the family fortune was to be left to Gerard Stiles as guardian of Quentin's son Tad Collins, until Tad turned 21; and sole heir should Tad die before then, or be taken from Collinwood by his mother.
  13. Highlights of the discovery include flashback between the doomed lovers Charles and Angelique, two new scenes featuring menacing groundskeeper Gerard Stiles, several romantic interludes between Quentin and Tracy, a candlelit " exorcism " sequence in the gallery ( the film's original climax ), and the " hanging " sequence, as well as several other scenes with intensity on par with an R-rated film.
  14. His other roles on " Dark Shadows " were Joshua Collins ( the father of Barnabas Collins ), Edward Collins ( the older brother of Quentin Collins ), Roger Collins PT ( Roger Collins'opposite self in 1970 Parallel Time ), the adult Daniel Collins ( a cousin of Barnabas Collins and Millicent Collins'younger brother ), Amadeus Collins ( a lawyer who was the main prosecutor in the trial of Judah Zachary in 1692, whose spirit later possesses Gerard Stiles in 1840 ), and Brutus Collins ( a ghost who haunted the secret locked room in 1841 Parallel Time ).


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