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  1. John Swope's grandfather, Gerard Swope, served as the third president of General Electric.
  2. She was the daughter of Gerard Swope, and niece of Herbert Bayard Swope.
  3. He saw a connection between the National Industrial Recovery Act ( NIRA ) and the " Swope Plan, " named after Gerard Swope.
  4. It succeeded through the support of prominent corporate chieftains of the time, such as Owen D . Young and Gerard Swope of General Electric.
  5. A native of Brooklyn, he was Gerard Swope professor emeritus of Physics at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and the founder of Technion's Institute of Theoretical Physics.
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  7. If administrators go to the Gerard Swope article they will find evidence from a Leon Keyserling interview that a major piece of the New Deal was based on the Swope Plan ( I made the edits ).
  8. On April 28, 1926 Morrison wrote to Gerard Swope, president of GE at the time, to bring attention to the early expiration of three vital patents covering the Westinghouse, GE's largest lamp manufacturing competitor, was essential to prevent other competitors from gaining share of General Electric's markets.
  9. The original draft of the act grew out of the so-called Gerard Swope plan for Recovery . " When asked in November 1933 about an updated Swope Plan, President Roosevelt said, " Mr . Swope's plan is a very interesting theoretical suggestion in regard to some ultimate development of N . R . A " 


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