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  1. *Seattle : William K . Nakamura Federal Courthouse, 1940, Gilbert Stanley Underwood
  2. Hull also worked with independent architects such as Gilbert Stanley Underwood and Herbert Maier.
  3. Gilbert Stanley Underwood and William Dewey Foster won the contract for the War Department building.
  4. The building was originally designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood in 1930 as a mixed-use commercial space.
  5. Designed by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the lodge is an excellent example of National Park Service Rustic design.
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  7. Designed by noted architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the massive, rustic-style lodge was built of timber, logs, and native limestone.
  8. The building was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood and Louis A . Simon, and construction was completed in 1940.
  9. It was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood in the Spanish Colonial Revival as a combined passenger and freight depot.
  10. The "'Zion Lodge Historic District "'surrounds the rustic lodge originally designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood in Zion National Park.
  11. Built in 1927, it is a luxury hotel designed by the architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, decorated in Native American motifs.
  12. But when Gilbert Stanley Underwood, a 35-year-old Los Angeles architect, beheld the wonders of the Yosemite Valley, he just couldn't help himself.
  13. Gilbert Stanley Underwood was selected to design the building as consulting architect to the Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department.
  14. The company assigned their company architect, Gilbert Stanley Underwood, to design a new lodge on Bright Angel Point at the edge of the canyon.
  15. The consulting design architect was Gilbert Stanley Underwood, who designed numerous Union Pacific railroad stations and the Neoclassical Modernist San Francisco Mint of 1936-1937.
  16. Designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood of Los Angeles, the current building features a steel frame structure that is clad with cream-colored glazed terra cotta.
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