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  1. Sales of the glaucoma drug Xalatan rose 58 percent to $ 161 million.
  2. It will also pay royalties to InSite on future sales of InSite's glaucoma drug, PilaSite.
  3. Xalatan is the first and only prostaglandin-based glaucoma drug, which gives it a competitive edge.
  4. She said the biggest income producer is Trusopt, a glaucoma drug that has kept millions of people from going blind.
  5. Royalty and licensing income includes the glaucoma drug Trusopt, the sports drink Gatorade, and the Sentricon termite elimination system.
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  7. He then underwent exhaustive tests that indicated no other glaucoma drug available lowered his intraocular pressure and halted deterioration of his eyesight.
  8. Pharmacia & Upjohn makes everything from Xalatan, the best-selling glaucoma drug, to Rogaine, the hair-growth treatment.
  9. Pharmacia Inc .'s first quarter profits jumped 27 percent, powered by strong sales of the company's top arthritis and glaucoma drugs.
  10. There are no nitric oxide-lowering drugs sold today, Neufeld cautioned, and it will take at least five years to test experimental glaucoma drugs.
  11. The study tested a glaucoma drug called acetazolamide ( diamox ) and weight loss plan to help improve vision for women who have idiopathic intracranial hypertension disorder.
  12. Kaiser Permanente, the health maintenance organization, says it spent $ 4.7 million on glaucoma drugs in 1995, the year before Xalatan was introduced.
  13. In anticipation of a revenue fall-off, Merck has added four drugs this year : Propecia, for baldness; Singulair, an asthma medication; Aggrastat for acute angina, and Cosopt, a glaucoma drug.
  14. Though it is not the most often-prescribed glaucoma drug, Xalatan brought in more revenue last year than any of its competitors, and was Pharmacia's best-selling product before the company's merger with Monsanto.
  15. Pharmacia & Upjohn, the big pharmaceutical company that has been trying to bolster its presence in the United States, makes everything from Xalatan, the best-selling glaucoma drug, to Rogaine, the hair-growth treatment.
  16. The increased size of the company's sales division comes as part of an effort to increase its share of the prescription care market for drugs including cancer treatment Camptosar, glaucoma drug Xalatan, and new treatment for Parkinson's disease.
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