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  1. Sales of glaucoma medication Xalatan rose 19 percent to dlrs 221 million.
  2. Alcon's Travatan competes with Pharmacia's glaucoma medication, Xalatan.
  3. Latisse is a solution of bimatoprost, the active component of the glaucoma medication Lumigan.
  4. Specifically, he developed latanoprost sold under the trade name Xalatan, which is the most widely used glaucoma medication.
  5. The company also cited strong sales growth in its Xalatan glaucoma medication, athritis medication Celebrex and Zyvox, a new antibiotic.
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  7. The company also cited strong sales growth in its Xalatan glaucoma medication, arthritis medication Celebrex and Zyvox, a new antibiotic.
  8. MIGS procedures can provide the patient sustained IOP reduction while minimizing the risk and complications associated with glaucoma interventions and decrease the dependence of glaucoma medications.
  9. Trabectome decreases intra-ocular pressure to mid-teen range and reduces patient's requirement to take glaucoma eye drops and glaucoma medications ( see references ).
  10. The largest investigation of endocyclophotocoaguation has shown a significant decrease in intraocular pressure of up to 10 mmHg, as well as a significant reduction in number of glaucoma medications needed.
  11. He also said the joint product development program with Bausch & Lomb will allow the companies to develop new eyedrop-based glaucoma medications using InSite's DuraSite technology.
  12. Sales of Xalatan, the company's biggest seller and the world's No . 1 glaucoma medication, were up 53 percent for the year to $ 507 million.
  13. The FDA's recommendation of Xalatan as only a backup therapy presented a considerable challenge to the company : how to persuade doctors to turn to their drug before other glaucoma medications.
  14. Alcon Inc ., a Swiss eye-care products company, said Thursday it won the right to continue selling its Travatan anti-glaucoma medication throughout the world, after settling a patent dispute with Pharmacia Corp.
  15. Treatment can include hyperosmotic eye drops to reduce swelling ( 5 % sodium chloride ), bandage contact lenses to reduce discomfort, glaucoma medications to reduce the flow of fluid into the cornea, and surgical procedures to replace the damaged tissue.
  16. The company's Xalatan drug for glaucoma generated $ 136 million in third-quarter sales, up 50 percent from last year, making it the company's top-selling product and the world's most-prescribed glaucoma medication.
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