goose air defense sector造句


  1. In January 1960, it activated the Goose Air Defense Sector ( Manual ) at Goose Air Force Base.
  2. Most of the ADC functions at Frobisher Bay Air Base were taken over by the Goose Air Defense Sector at Goose AB on 1 April 1960.
  3. In 1960 it was assigned directly to the Goose Air Defense Sector, but was inactivated later that year due to the emerging threat of missiles rather than manned aircraft.
  4. Its last assignment was with Aerospace Defense Command ( ADC )'s Goose Air Defense Sector at Thule Air Base, Greenland, where it was discontinued in 1965.
  5. Reactivated by ADC a second time in April 1966, assuming the assets of inactivating Goose Air Defense Sector at Goose Air Force Base, Labrador, Canada, including the Manual Control Center ( MCC ) at Goose.
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