goose and duck造句

"goose and duck"是什麽意思   


  1. goose and duck-a man of many resources
  2. chilled geese and ducks imported to hong kong today
  3. goose and duck-a man of many resources
  4. first batch of mainland chilled geese and ducks passes h5 virus tests
  5. jim : looking for a beautiful place ? we found one right here in stamford at the stamford nature center . . . when we visited, we saw all sorts of strange geese and ducks . . .
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  7. about 1, 200 chickens, geese and ducks have been slaughtered over the weekend in the eastern germanstate of thuringia after germany confirmed this year's first case of domestic bird infection of the deadly h5n1 strain on friday, german media reported on sunday
  8. this survey also discovered 3 white pelicans, about 10, 000wild geese and ducks include green-winged teal, eurasian wigeon, spotbill duck and mallard; and also 5, 000 plovers and curlews like eurasian curlew, dunlin, rufous-necked sandpiper, kentish plover and black-bellied plover ! con the other hands, a flock of about 1, 000 swan geese anas cygnoides was discovered in wenling town at minjiang estuary on 8 january 2003
  9. the general planning for beizai village based on the system analysis and diagnosis, using the land use system theory, the eco-economy system theory and landscape planning theory, improves the ecological function of land system of beizai village, promotes the continuous regulation and control between people and environment . and according to the landscape characteristic and position advantages, beizai village is divided into nine districts : forest eco-tourism zone, recreation and amusement comprehensive function district, hi-tech agriculture garden, rural inhabited region, goose and duck farm, vegetables industry district, flowers nursery stock district, plucking garden with the function characteristic of ecology protection, recreation amusement, city agriculture, living and inhabitation, food supply separately


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