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  1. "' Lepadidae "'is a family of goose barnacles, erected by Charles Darwin in 1852.
  2. ---Today's fractured English lesson : From a menu in Spain : " Goose Barnacles ."
  3. The variety of seafood is dizzying, from cod and hake to octopus and goose barnacle.
  4. Goose barnacles are available from elsewhere, but the Galician barnacles are prized above all others.
  5. He developed a quirky menu at Ilo, often relying on strange ingredients like percebes, or goose barnacles, and serro, a puffy Sicilian cheese.
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  7. ""'Alepas pacifica " "'is a species of goose barnacle in the pelagic species and is an obligate associate of various species of jellyfish.
  8. This nudibranch species lives worldwide on floating objects on seas, and feeds mainly on barnacles, specifically goose barnacles in the genus " Lepas ".
  9. Across Spain, residents lamented that the oil slick will wipe out Galicia's supply of goose barnacle, a tasty crustacean enjoyed as a Christmas delicacy.
  10. The ban is a devastating blow to the 5, 000 families that live by harvesting goose barnacles, spider crabs, mussels, scallops and other seafood.
  11. They dodge dangerous waves to cut from the rock a species called the goose barnacle, a black, finger-shaped creature that costs a small fortune.
  12. Prices have already risen to reflect a ban on fishing in the affected area, with goose barnacles selling for an exorbitant $ 120 a kilo.
  13. Galicia is an important source of shellfish, producing mussels, clams, crabs and the exotic and highly-prized goose barnacles, which look prehistoric and grow on rocks at the shoreline.
  14. The accident occured just as fishermen were were preparing to reap the lucrative Christmas harvest of spider crabs, mussels, goose barnacles, octopus, and other delicacies the region is noted for.
  15. The northwestern coastline of Galicia is Spain's chief source for a wide variety of fresh shellfish, from scallops and mussels to more exotic delicacies such as goose barnacles and spider crab.
  16. Some species of goose barnacles such as " Lepas anatifera " are pelagic and are most frequently found on cirri for feeding, and are therefore found only on exposed or moderately exposed coasts.
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