ground blizzard造句


  1. We were hit by this horrendous ground blizzard,
  2. Such a blizzard that occurs without snow falling from the sky is called a ground blizzard.
  3. Blizzards and ground blizzards ( blowing snow ) are also defined in part by low visibility.
  4. Unfortunately, strong winds had created a ground blizzard and the pilots still couldn't see out of the windshield.
  5. Ground blizzards occur throughout the world, however unlike other winter storms, topography either aids in their formation or prevention.
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  7. Ground blizzards are most common in the Arctic and Antarctic during seasonal transition periods, such as the spring and fall.
  8. Ground blizzards are also common in the Canadian Prairies and U . S Midwest as well as Siberia and Northern China.
  9. While the term " ground blizzard " is often associated with intense blowing and drifting snow conditions, there are specific criteria which must be met.
  10. The night and a ground blizzard prevented Seppala from being able to see the path but Togo navigated to the PM preventing certain death to his team.
  11. Winds from the north-northwest sustained at 35 mph or more will create a " ground blizzard " across parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota.
  12. As negotiations collapsed, the Norwegians opened fire again, but a sudden ground blizzard blinded the gunners and allowed the Germans to make a counterattack and break out of their encirclement.


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