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  1. This paper focuses on ir drop analysis , and the principle of ground bounce analysis is almost the same as it
  2. For high stability of the system , with the realization of hardware of the system , the second part of this paper starts from the transmission line theory , and studies the signal integrity problem of high - speed circuit system in light current . the causes of these signal integrity problems , such as signal delay , reflection , crosstalk , ground bounce noises and etc . are analyzed in theory . combined with actual design , key points of design and standard design flow of general high - speed , high - precision printed circuit board are summarized , which has been applied in actual system , and good effect has been achieved
  3. With the advance of semiconductor manufacturing , circuits with increasingly higher speed are being integrated at an increasingly higher density , which makes analysis and verification of power grid integrity more important . power grid integrity includes four issues , namely , ir drop analysis , ground bounce analysis , ldi / dt from the pin inductance and em analysis
    隨著超大規模集成電路集成度和工作頻率的不斷提高,電源網格完整性分析變得越來越重要,一般有四個關鍵問題: ir電壓降分析、接地點電勢上升( groundbounce )分析、來自引腳電感的ldi / dt分析和電子遷移率em分析。
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