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  1. Wheeljack and the other Autobots then Ground Bridge directly into the ship.
  2. Smokescreen then contacts the Autobots asking for a Ground Bridge.
  3. However, time bought by Bumblebee allows the Autobots to escape through a Ground Bridge portal.
  4. Soundwave manages to open a ground bridge to bridge her off, right before Orion saw her.
  5. The " Ground Bridge " on the Roogagh River at Tullybelcoo is a short active river cave.
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  7. The team managed to defeat Fracture, and though his ship was lost they gained the use of his ground bridge.
  8. At the time it was constructed the Show Ground Bridge was described as the best bridge ever built in Charters Towers.
  9. With the help of a Ground Bridge, Knock Out gets away with the Predacon talon fossil and hands it to Megatron.
  10. In " Rebellion ", Ultra Magnus leads the assault on Darkmount, where Predaking is sent through a Ground Bridge into the Antarctic.
  11. In " Plus One ", Wheeljack returns to base via ground bridge and is paired with Arcee to find a predacon bone relic.
  12. Smokescreen then contacts Ratchet to set up the Ground Bridge and gives the two Omega Keys to the Autobots where they all congratulate him.
  13. As the season goes on, Ratchet more often plays a " tech support " sort of role, minding the base and the ground bridge.
  14. The Decepticons then blow up the base with Optimus inside as he destroys the Ground Bridge with Agent Fowler and June Darby watching in horror as the base explodes.
  15. In 1999, the Gateway and Crown Central mall buildings were unified as Wollongong Central and a pedestrian walkway / caf?was built connecting the buildings in an above ground bridge.
  16. In " Regeneration ", Optimus retrieves the Forge of Solus Prime from Dreadwing and uses it to convert the Ground Bridge into a Space Bridge and repair the Star Saber.
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