ground burst造句


  1. As the announcer speaks, tanks on the ground burst into flames.
  2. A ground burst can produce possibly much more severe, local fallout.
  3. It had air burst, ground burst or laydown options.
  4. Targets could be selected for air or ground burst, but the selection was determined by Strategic Air Command.
  5. A ground burst of a nuclear weapon creates considerably more local deposited fallout than the air bursts used at Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
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  7. The crowd of 30, 00 at the Feroze Shah Kotla ground burst into appluase shouting " We won, we won !"
  8. Kansas City, Sedalia, Missouri, and all the way south to El Dorado Springs, Missouri are blanketed with ground burst nuclear weapons.
  9. The bomb fallout graph is for a ground burst of an plume separation of the isotopes occurred between the detonation and the deposit of radioactivity.
  10. In the above neutron activation is neglected, and only the fission product fraction of the total activity resulting from the ground burst is shown.
  11. Ground bursts would throw enormous amounts of radioactive dust into the air, causing fallout that would be almost as deadly as a direct attack.
  12. The initiation hight of such bombs ( limited by high the delivery aircraft could fly ) would probable get graded as a'ground burst '.
  13. Detonation of the Hound Dog's W28 warhead could be programmed to occur on impact ( Ground burst ) or air burst at a preset altitude.
  14. A relatively low yield may be able to produce seismic forces beyond those of an air burst or even ground burst of a weapon with twice its yield.
  15. The B61 can be set for airburst, ground burst, or laydown detonation, and can be released at speeds up to Mach 2 and altitudes as low as.
  16. An example is the higher-yield B61-11's role of attacking underground bunkers that need a ground burst to create a crater and destroy it through the shockwave.
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