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  1. Only a fraction of the permafrost zone consists of actual ground ice.
  2. Methanol can only remove frost and light ground ice prior to flight.
  3. Small amounts of liquid water from melted ground ice could be enough.
  4. These scale differences may indicate local difference in ground ice concentrations.
  5. Crater shapes can reveal the presence of ground ice.
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  7. A study supported formation by the melting of ground ice or snowpack as the chief cause.
  8. These pits may have formed when ground ice converted to a gas, thus leaving a void.
  9. This supports the proposition of ground ice in the near surface of Mars in this area.
  10. So-called " Rootless cones " are caused by explosions of lava with ground ice under the flow.
  11. Volcanic activity within Mars could have melted the ground ice, causing parts of the crust to collapse.
  12. Tony and I first met in our backyards, after the snows melted and the ground ice thawed.
  13. The pits may have formed by winds, heat from the boulders melting ground ice, or some other process.
  14. They want to excavate ground ice where mineral-eating organisms living below the surface may have been washed up and cryopreserved.
  15. Much of the surface in Noachis quadrangle shows a scalloped topography where the disappearance of ground ice has left depressions.
  16. Traces of former Late Weichselian slope and cirque glaciers in the form of buried ground ice deposits are preserved on Zhokhov Island.
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