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  1. Presba also had flight instructor and ground instructor certificates.
  2. Phillipps was appointed chief ground instructor on 17 June.
  3. Since then, NAFI has expanded the program to include ground instructors as well as flight instructors.
  4. Smith became a licensed pilot, instrument rated which means that she was allowed to fly during inclement weather, and ground instructor.
  5. In 1936 Clayson was the Chief Ground Instructor at the Civil Training Flying School operated by the Bristol Aeroplane Company at Yatesbury.
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  7. A Squadron Leader is the Commanding Officer and ESUAS has another 4 Qualified Flying Instructors, Chief Ground Instructor, and a Physical Training Instructor.
  8. The "'Basic Ground Instructor "'( BGI ) rating allows the holder to give the ground instruction required for a sport pilot, recreational pilot, or flight review.
  9. Kosich and pilot instructor Bathurst are two of about 18 United Airlines pilots, check airmen and ground instructors being trained by Boeing on how to operate and fly the 777.
  10. PART 61-- CERTIFICATION : PILOTS, FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS, AND GROUND INSTRUCTORS Each certificate must be issued by a doctor approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to a person of stable physical and mental health.
  11. From October 1977 to October 1980, he had been a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, accumulating 669 flight hours as a flight examiner, instructor pilot and ground instructor in an operational F-15 unit.
  12. In view of the nationalization of the armed forces, he was recalled and posted in February 1947 as the Chief Ground Instructor at the No . 1 Advance Flying School Ambala, to replace the RAF officer who was returning home.
  13. The commanding officer is a squadron leader beneath whom serve a chief flying instructor ( CFI ), chief ground instructor ( CGI ), ground training instructor ( GTI ) as well as other flying instructors, a civilian adjutant and civilian administrative staff.
  14. Getline holds a wide variety of airman certificates, including Airline Transport Pilot License ( ATP ), AMEL, commercial pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land ( ASEL ), rotorcraft, control tower operator, flight engineer, and ground instructor, as well as type ratings for the Airbus A320, Boeing 727, Boeing 737, Boeing 777, Cessna Citation, and McDonnell Douglas DC-10.
  15. The "'Instrument Ground Instructor "'( IGI ) rating allows the holder to give the ground instruction required for the addition of an instrument rating to a pilot certificate; the holder may also endorse a student to take the written knowledge test for the instrument rating, and can give the ground training required for an instrument proficiency check .,
  16. The "'Advanced Ground Instructor "'( AGI ) rating allows the holder to give the ground instruction required for any certificate or, effectively, any rating ( except for the Instrument Rating ) issued under Part 61, to give the ground training for any flight review, and to endorse a student to take the written knowledge test for any certificate or non-instrument rating issued under Part 61.


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