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  1. Migration velocity analysis and prestack migration of ground - penetrating radar
  2. Migration is one of the most significant methods in ground - penetrating radar data processing
  3. At certain sites , ground - penetrating radar was used to look for underground structures or buried equipment
  4. In this paper the fourier finite - difference technique is used for migration of phased - array ground - penetrating radar real pgpr data in 2d media
  5. The accuracy of migration image of ground - penetrating radar data is strongly related to the accuracy of permittivity distribution determined from multi - offset data
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  7. An overall design strategy is outlined , together with a more detailed treatment of the ground - penetrating radar subsystems and topics which are relevant to effective subsurface radar operation
  8. Subsurface radar , also known as ground - penetrating radar is increasingly being used for the detection and location of buried objects such as mines and structures that are found within the upper regions of the earth ’ s surface
  9. This paper has described the authors experience acquired in applying the ground - penetrating radar , rayleigh wave and dpt to examining weak groundsill in the subway tunnel , and also discussed the application conditions of these means as well as their merits and shortcoming
  10. With zh11a datum pile inspection in a certain district of zhangshu as an example , the paper analyses the relationship between characteristics of radar wave sets of large diameter piles and structures of pile bodies , thus providing basis for applying ground - penetrating radar to non - destructive inspection of large - diameter piles
    以樟樹市某區zh - 11a基樁檢測為例,分析了大口徑樁的雷達波組特徵與樁體結構之間的關系,為探地雷達無損檢測大口徑樁提供了依據。
  11. In the light of the pulse width of the radar wave , this paper deals with the difference and the relationship between the vertical resolution and the transverse resolution of the ground - penetrating radar , indicates the influence of the noise upon the resolution and , with practical examples , points out that the digital handling of the signal can greatly improve the resolution of the radar
  12. With some examples of applying the ground - penetrating radar to detecting the thickness of various structural layers in the highway , the present paper has demonstrated that , when the ground - penetrating radar is used to detect the thickness of the road surface layer , continous , rapid , accurate and nondestructive high - precision results can be obtained
  13. On the basis of detailed experiments , the effects of such factors as the thickness , material quality , filling substances and defects of the pipelines as well as the frequency and noise of the antenna upon the radar images are analyzed , which will be of some help to further application of the ground - penetrating radar to urban underground pipeline detection


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