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  1. Let ' s have a look at an interesting feature of the ground - state wave function , eq ( 6 . 120 )
    讓我們來看基態函數( 6 120 )式的有趣圖象。
  2. Finally , we present the approximate distribution of trapping potential of the guided cold atoms in the atomic funnel based on the vccc or the uccc . by using a similar method in the analysis of optical coherence , we study the coherent evolution of the ground - state wave function of ultra - cold atoms in atomic funnel , and obtain some normalized correlation functions of the first , second , third and high order
    最后,給出了原子在基于v -型和u -型載流導體構建的原子漏斗中所感受到的囚禁勢的摘要采用漂流導體的原子易引及其原于光學器件近似分分,并采用類似于光場相干性的分析方法,計算了超冷原子物質波的基進波函數及其在原子漏斗中傳播時相干性的演化,得到了物質波的一階、二階、三階和高階相于度。
  3. In the case of non - interacting and interacting between the guided atoms , we use the schrodinger equation of cold atoms in single - channel magnetic guide to obtain the solutions of atomic wave function , and calculate the size of the ground - state wave function in the case of non - interacting between cold atoms
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