1. Sercan Guvercin told the NTV station from his hospital bed.
  2. Eleven-year-old Sercan Guvercin was the only one left alive.
  3. The earth shook, the building swayed and the ceiling came crashing down on seven members of the Guvercin family.
  4. Try Haci'li Ocakbasi, 5 Guvercin in Levent, 278-4472, where the walls are covered with caricatures of local celebrities, or Kosebasi, 15 Camlik in 3.
  5. The company was founded in 2001 in Warsaw, Poland by founder Tekin Guvercin and Agata Iwona Bogucka . "'Future Network Development S . C . "'is a Partner Network  exclusive group of international solution provider.
  6. It's difficult to find guvercin in a sentence. 用guvercin造句挺難的


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