1. To circumvent these problems a microfluidic assembly line approach to GUVs was reported.
  2. GUVs are large enough ( several tens of micrometres ) to study with traditional fluorescence microscopy.
  3. Many of the studies of lipid rafts in artificial lipid systems have been performed with GUVs for this reason.
  4. ELEX-GUVS-- WASHINGTON-- Wrap of statehouse elections . ( Schatz, Cox News Service ).
  5. However, GUVs are relatively fragile, time consuming to make and can only be produced in limited yield compared to SUVs.
  6. It's difficult to find guvs in a sentence. 用guvs造句挺難的
  7. Compared to supported bilayers, GUVs present a more  natural environment since there is no nearby solid surface to induce defects or denature proteins.
  8. Modified bogie General Utility Vans ( GUVs ) had hinged beams that folded down inside the double doors to protect them from bursting open if a BRUTE hit them.


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