1. According to Fred Guweddeko, a researcher at Makerere University, Amin was the son of Andreas Nyabire ( 1889 1976 ).
  2. The purges also had the effect of creating promotion opportunities; commander of the air force Smuts Guweddeko began as a telephone operator.
  3. Guweddeko states that Amin's mother was Assa Aatte ( 1904 1970 ), an ethnic Lugbara and a traditional herbalist who treated members of Buganda royalty, among others.
  4. The commander of the Uganda Air Force, Smuts Guweddeko, had previously worked as a telephone operator; the unofficial executioner for the regime, Major Malyamungu, had formerly been a nightwatch officer.
  5. "By spreading out to as wide an area as possible, the LRA is stretching the resources and personnel of government forces, all in the strategy of subversion ., " said Fred Guweddeko, a political scientist at Makerere University.
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  7. Researcher Fred Guweddeko claimed that Amin was born on 17 May 1928, The only certainty is that Amin was born sometime during the mid-1920s } } Other unconfirmed sources state Amin's year of birth from as early as 1923 to as late as 1928.


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