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  1. Started at the end of March 2012, he has made his first appearance and play for Sarawak FA alongside his fellow Cameroon friend, Guy Bwele.
  2. Sarawak FA coach Robert Alberts has done a remarkable job in getting the locals to combine with the foreign signings Bosnian striker Muamer Salibaai and Cameroon centreback Guy Bwele.
  3. On 2011, he was signed by the Malaysian side club Sarawak FA alongside fellow countrymen, Guy Bwele for the 2012 Malaysia Super League Campaign with a fee almost ?31.4 million.
  4. It later turned out that the second Guy Bwelle might be his cousin, and his name is different as the person who attended the trial, who was born in 1984, is officially named " Guy Bwele ", not " Guy Bwelle ".
  5. It is reported that Guy Bwele has sign one-year contract with KL SPA Putrajaya FC for 2014 Malaysia Premier League competition during the second window in March 2014 . His first game was against the league leader Pulau Pinang and they manage to held a draw 0 0 result to surprise many.
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