guy campbell造句


  1. His father was Sir Guy Campbell, 1st Baronet.
  2. "People don't realize what a really funny guy Campbell is, " says Leary.
  3. J . H . Taylor made some modifications in 1914, and in the 1940s Sir Guy Campbell brought the course to its current configuration.
  4. Campbell was the second son of Sir Guy Campbell, 3rd Baronet ( see Campbell baronets ), by Nina, daughter of Frederick Lehmann.
  5. "A lot of people were always coming and going, " said Peta-Guy Campbell, 18, who also lives in the building.
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  7. In 1880 her remains were brought back to England and were buried in the churchyard of St . Nicholas, Thames Ditton, Surrey, with her elder daughter, Pamela ( Lady Guy Campbell ).
  8. He is a descendant of Sir Guy Campbell, 1st Baronet, grandson of John Campbell, son of the Honourable Colin Campbell, the son of first Earl by his second marriage to Lady Mary Campbell.
  9. Hotchkin, a retired colonel, had teamed up with Major Hutchinson and Sir Guy Campbell to form one of the great triumvirates of golf course architecture five years before, and their work is still held in the highest regard today.
  10. As Commodore Commandant of the Coast Guard one of Reynolds first concerns was a renewed effort by the Navy to control the Coast Guard by congressional action and a bill was introduced by Pennsylvania Representative Guy Campbell to accomplish a transfer to the Navy.
  11. Additionally, Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis'daughters made cameo appearances as girls rowing away during Smaug's attack; movement coach Terry Notary and stand-in Jamie Haugh appear as a Laketown refugees after the destruction; Conan Stevens, who was to play Bolg, appears as the Keeper of the Dungeons, an Orc captain holding Gandalf hostage and the sons of key second assistant director Guy Campbell, casting director Miranda Rivers, and Weta Workshop founder Richard Taylor appear as Hobbit children during the auction scene.
  12. After performing as a dance band vocalist and entertaining British troops during World War II, Webb pursued a career in West End musicals, becoming known for her vivaciousness in playing such roles as Lucy Willow in " Bless the Bride ", Linda in Ivor Novello's " Guy Campbell, the heir to a baronetcy, and left the stage in the late 1950s, bringing up two sons but returning for a last engagement in the title role of " The Merry Widow " in 1969.


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