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  1. At the beginning of The Unforgiving Tour in 2011, " The Howling ", " What Have You Done " and " Our Solemn Hour " were played at almost every show, although by December 2011, " The Howling " was completely replaced by " Hand of Sorrow " . " The Cross " was also played on two festivals, and " The Truth Beneath the Rose " and " Forgiven " were played on the 2011 Fanclub Day.
  2. On September 17, 2008, the band released a new webpage, blacksymphony . nl, for further promotion of the DVD . On this page a competition was announced, where fans were encouraged to make their own music video for Hand of Sorrow, based on the live performance from the DVD . The winner was to have their contribution become the official music video for the song and would be invited ( from anywhere in the world ) with a friend to Within Temptation's seated show in Haarlem on November 27 with VIP tickets, as well as having dinner with Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt, and would have a get-together with the whole band after the show.
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