hand on hip造句

"hand on hip"是什麽意思   


  1. She was at home in that : hand on hip , she enthroned venus in the gutter by the pavement side
  2. She stood at the front of the room , hands on hips , and faced us all as if we were prisoners . " keep in mind that i ' m the boss , " she said . " you will do as you are told , and if you don ' t , i ' ll make your lives miserable !
    她站在教室前面,兩手插著腰,像看囚犯一樣地看著我們, “記住,我是你們的老板, ”她說, “你們想日子好過的話,就乖乖照我說的去做,否則,別怪我不客氣! ”
  3. It wore an extraordinary look of piety and peace , as if old men smoked by the door , and girls stood , hands on hips , at the well , and horses stood ; as if the end of the world had come , and cabbage fields and stone walls , and coast - guard stations , and , above all , the white sand bays with the waves breaking unseen by any one , rose to heaven in a kind of ecstasy
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