hand on knee造句

"hand on knee"是什麽意思   


  1. Syracuse guards out front, bent over, hands on knees.
  2. Toby Bailey, hands on knees, stared with a ( Prince ) stone face at the celebration.
  3. In the post-game's early moments, Jason McAteer paused with hands on knees to absorb the pain of it all.
  4. The man then made his way into the midst of the pigeons, bent low, hands on knees, and asked, " Any messages ?"
  5. And if you do not use hands crossed, or hand on knee, or some other relaxed pose, then you're back to the driver's license pose _ a face with a chest ."
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  7. What you should do in that situation, home run hit over your head, is stand like a statue in left, frozen, hands on knees, don't even turn your head to acknowledge the blow.
  8. Buford walked on a full count; Rodriguez, down 1-and-2, also worked a walk _ with the help of two pitchouts _ as Vaughn, hands on knees, bowed his head and kept it there.
  9. These feline anthropomorphic figures may range from a human figure with slight jaguar characteristics to depictions of shamanistic transformations in the so-called transformative pose, kneeling with hands on knees, to figures that are nearly completely feline.
  10. The magazine featured a come-hither cover picture of Clinton, saucily grinning, seated on a stool, hands on knees, knees spread apart, responding to the plea of a photographer, provocatively shooting from below, to " show me the love, Mr . President ."
  11. I'll come back and check with y'all when y'all are 40 . "-- Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens to manager Joe Torre when Torre rushed to the mound, believing something was wrong with Clemens when he bent over, hands on knees, after a pitch.
  12. Typically this would involve two or three quick, sharp swats across the seat of the offender's trousers ( or skirt ), with the student either bending over the teacher's desk, or standing and bending forward with hands on knees, or bending right down and touching toes.
  13. Maria Moyer, the Rhodes'former housekeeper, who now provides a massage service to the bed-and-breakfast guests, says that she was once making the bed in the third floor's Tower Suite when, at the other end of the hall, she saw Tarlton, hands on knees and sporting a ghoulish grin.
  14. His three basic poses _ hands on hips with disgusted look on face, arms folded with disgusted look on face, and hands on knees, head down, spitting once, then raising up with disgusted look on face _ were enhanced by explosions of Vesuvian temper throughout Sunday's, well, I guess game is about the best way to describe it, although the definition takes a good stretching.


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