1. Afternoon : hanshin department store , isetan department store
  2. Keisei bus service 047 - 432 - 1891 hanshin bus service 06 - 6416 - 1351
  3. Hanshin freight international ltd
  4. Hanshin electric railway co . , ltd
  5. Igawa went 14 - 9 with a 2 . 97 era for the hanshin tigers last season
    井川慶去年在阪神老虎隊的戰績為14勝9敗,防御率2 . 97 。
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  7. The yankees would only pay hanshin the $ 25 million if they sign igawa to a contract
  8. Angie : ( in hanshin dept . store ) oh ~ i can ' t believe it ! how can they cut up my credit card
  9. Shopping at hanshin and isetan isetan and hanshin department stores are linked by hsintien road to form an integrated shopping district
  10. They ' ll also travel to okinawa , where they will meet with executives of the hanshin tigers , lefty kei igawa ' s former team
  11. Hyper rescue teams were formed in 1996 after the great hanshin awaji earthquake and are under the management of the tokyo fire department
  12. The contingent also plans to visit with the leadership of the hanshin tigers , personally thanking the club for its assistance in the development of kei igawa
  13. The yankees won the rights to negotiate with igawa last week , submitting the top bid of more than $ 26 million for the hanshin tigers ' starting pitcher
  14. According to numerous media outlets , the yankees had won the rights to the japanese left - hander , who has pitched the past eight seasons for the hanshin tigers
  15. The hanshin tigers and the yomiuri giants are fierce rivals in japan . but igawa , who played for hanshin , will find a friend in former yomiuri giant matsui
  16. This is based on the lessons learned from the great hanshin earthquake of 1995 in which reconstruction was delayed due to complicated land and building rights adjustments
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