herd manager造句

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  1. Today, herd managers often oversee thousands of animals and many staff.
  2. The record breaking dispersal sale of June 2013 sadly saw the end of the herd following the retirement of the long-standing herd manager.
  3. Over the past decade black Beefmaster have become very popular among herd managers using the breed in their heterosis programs for hybrid vigor.
  4. "I've been picking Spanish up, " said Sean Galvin, a 30-year-old dairy herd manager who grew up in Troy and now supervises four employees at Wagner Farms in Poestenkill.
  5. There, with a few clicks of a mouse, the herd manager can learn that Cow No . 60 has given about 80 pounds of milk a day for the past four years.
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  7. Sebastian Meier studied farming in Switzerland, apprenticed on Fred Kirschenmann's 3, 000-acre biodynamic grain farm in North Dakota and worked as a dairy herd manager in Pennsylvania before returning to Ghent as a much-in-demand equipment mechanic.
  8. The product label typically indicates that, in conjunction with an appropriate synchronization protocol, CIDRs should be left in for 7 days . These estrus synchronization protocols allow Fixed Time Artificial Insemination to be used, giving herd managers more accurate control.


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