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  1. At, the "'Hohe Acht "'is the highest mountain in the Eifel mountains of Germany.
  2. Some to the northwest are found the N黵burgring and the Hohe Acht, at above sea level the Eifel s highest mountain.
  3. Shortly after the Karussell is a steep section, with gradients in excess of 16 %, leading to a right-hander called Hohe Acht, which is some 300 m higher in altitude than Breidscheid.
  4. It is also a good viewing point, from which there are views over Berescheid and the valley of the " Schafbach " which is part of the Olef catchment as well as other summits such as the Hohe Acht.
  5. The highest point of the Schneifel is the 699.1-metre-high Schwarze Mann ( " Black Man " ), which is also the third highest point of the Eifel range after the Hohe Acht and the Erresberg ( Ernstberg ).
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  7. The "'Ernstberg "'( also "'Erresberg "') southeast of Hinterweiler is, at, the highest of the west Eifel volcanoes and, after the Hohe Acht, the second highest mountain in the Eifel overall.
  8. From the viewing platform of the chapel tower there is an impressive all-round view that reaches to the Siebengebirge hills, the basalt " kuppen " of the Hohe Acht, the Hochth黵merberg and Aremberg hills as well as the Schneifel and Rur Eifel regions.
  9. In the south the Ahrgau bordered on the Mayenfeldgau on the line from Rheineck up the Vinxtbach stream to the Hohe Acht; in the west it bordered on the Eifelgau and Z黮pichgau along the Adenaubach stream as far as the Ahr, along the Vischbach, the S黵sch and the Swist; in the north it bordered on the Bonngau; in the east the Rhine separated the Ahrgau from the Auelgau.


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