1. The hospital serving Honesdale and the surrounding communities is Wayne Memorial Hospital.
  2. It began at Rondout Creek at an area later known as Honesdale.
  3. He resumed the practice of law and died in Honesdale in 1861.
  4. He graduated Honesdale School in 1920, and attended Pennsylvania State College.
  5. Honesdale escaped Carbondale's fate, and today is a vibrant town.
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  7. He continued the drug business in Honesdale until his death there in 1913.
  8. Between 1880 and 1890 many Jewish families left Honesdale.
  9. Creasy was born on November 15, 1939, in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.
  10. It began at Rondout Creek at the location known as Creeklocks, between Honesdale.
  11. Honesdale took its name from Philip Hone, the company's first president.
  12. He moved to Honesdale, Pennsylvania, in 1918 and continued the practice of law.
  13. Hurley was born in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.
  14. East of Honesdale, it was deepened as part of the Delaware and Hudson Canal project.
  15. The railroad's first blow was the loss of the local Agway mill in Honesdale.
  16. Shawn Coulter, 33, of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, cracking fresh mortar rounds out of their tins.
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