1. The mayor of Coripata, F閘ix Huanca Huanca, belongs to the group.
  2. The mayor of Coripata, F閘ix Huanca Huanca, belongs to the group.
  3. All the passengers were Peruvian, said Huanca.
  4. Aymara Indian Pascual Mamani Huanca said shortly before heading to his home near Lake Titicaca.
  5. Others implicated were indigenous leader Marco Antonio Aramayo and Felipa Huanca, a leader of the Bartolina Sisa Campesina Women s Federation.
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  7. "' Sonia Calizaya Huanca "'( born February 20, 1976 in La Paz ) is a Bolivian marathon runner.
  8. People were still believed to be trapped in at least three mines, including Huanca, according to a civil defense statement issued Wednesday evening.
  9. According to legend cited by Dennis Siluk, in addition to the city which was buried near Chupaea in the lake Huanca culture, flourished.
  10. In addition to the Huanca mine, the area has a network of formal and informal mines, many simply holes dug into the sides of mountains.
  11. "The gas stays here, " explained Choque Huanca, a newly elected member of Congress, who represents a left-leaning indigenous political party.
  12. One of the former nuns cells has a fresco of Christ, known as the Lord of Huanca, which has always been highly venerated by the people of Cusco.
  13. In 1974 he worked on the project Huayra Huanca ( El origen del tiempo ), which was commissioned by the Mexican government in accordance with a proposal by Oswaldo Guayasam韓.
  14. Additionally, 3 km ( 1.9 miles ) north of Huancas, is Huanca Urco hill, with views of where the Sonche, Vitaya and Gocta Falls can be seen.
  15. "People have to ask for life from the mountain, " explained Jose Huanca, 32, who lives next to the Tuni reservoir at the base of the Condoriri glacier.
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