1. In 1981, Hufstedler returned to private life, teaching and practicing law.
  2. The head of the panel is Shirley Hufstedler.
  3. Hufstedler wrote in her preface to the report.
  4. Hufstedler had a distinguished career at the highest levels of legal and public service.
  5. He worked at the firm of Hufstedler, Miller, Carlson & Beardsley.
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  7. Henry Remington was elected lieutenant colonel, but resigned and was replaced by Eli Hufstedler.
  8. The 25th Arkansas participated in the Chickamauga Campaign under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Eli Hufstedler.
  9. Former Federal Judge Shirley Hufstedler, who represented Davis in the discussions, defended Davis'decision.
  10. She was a partner in the firm Hufstedler & Kaus, now merged into Morrison & Foerster.
  11. He was a senior partner at the law firm of Hufstedler & Kaus, retiring in 1990.
  12. In 1973, for example, U . S . Court of Appeals Judge Shirley Hufstedler dissented from a decision absolving MORE
  13. Hufstedler was considered to be a candidate for the Supreme Court if a vacancy had occurred under the Jimmy Carter presidency.
  14. Wooden walls and a roof were added because of Pinckney Hufstedler's fears that water could get into his tomb.
  15. In 1979, President Carter announced his choice of federal appeals judge Shirley Hufstedler to head the newly created Department of Education.
  16. Hufstedler also asked that his body be transported to the burial site in a wagon drawn by white oxen, rather than mules.
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