1. Hyperacetylated chromatin is transcriptionally active, and hypoacetylated chromatin is silent.
  2. This MHM locus is heavily studied as a site of dosage compensation because male Z chromosomes are hypermethylated and thus underexpress genes in this area in comparison to female Z chromosomes which are hyperacetylated and overexpress these genes.
  3. Histone deacetylase inhibition induces the accumulation of hyperacetylated nucleosome core histones in most regions of chromatin but affects the expression of only a small subset of genes, leading to transcriptional activation of some genes, but repression of an equal or larger number of other genes.
  4. Acetylation enhances the activity of some transcription factors such as the tumor suppressor p53 and the erythroid differentiation factor GATA-1 but may repress transcriptional activity of others including T cell factor and the co-activator ACTR . Recent studies [ . . . ] have shown that the estrogen receptor alpha ( ERalpha ) can be hyperacetylated in response to histone deacetylase inhibition, suppressing ligand sensitivity and regulating transcriptional activation by histone deacetylase inhibitors.
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